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Your Family this Christmas

6/12/2015 Lyle Richards  Genesis 1:31; 2:18-25 

Knowing and Doing God's WIll

19/7/2015 Chad W. Graham  Various 

Dealing with Sin and Temptation

26/4/2015 Lyndon Unger  1 Kings 18:20-35 

2015 Easter Message

5/4/2015 Chad Graham  Various 

The Message of the Reformation

10/11/2014 Chad W. Graham  Various 

God's Word on Marriage (preached and illustrated)

28/9/2014 Chad W. Graham  Genesis 2:18-25 

The Authority, Necessity and Sufficiency of Scripture

8/6/2014 Chad W. Graham  Various 

Easter Hope

19/4/2014 Chad W. Graham  Various 

Sticks and Stones

2/2/2014 Chad W. Graham  Psalm 120 

Our Great Salvation

20/10/2013 Garth Plamping  1 Peter 1:3-9 

The only way to God

17/3/2013 Chad W. Graham  Hebrews 12:14 

Living By Faith

5/8/2012 Wyatt Graham  Exodus 15:22-18:26 

Why Does Easter Matter?

8/4/2012 Chad W. Graham  Revelation 5 

The Story of Grace

11/3/2012 Chad W. Graham  Ephesians Various 

Palm Sunday: Triumph and Tragedy

17/4/2011 Chad W Graham  Mark 11:1-11 

My Rights; My Sacrifice

3/4/2011 Garth Plamping  1 Corinthians 9:12-26 

What Child is This?

19/12/2010 Chad W. Graham  Matthew 1:20-22, Isaiah 53 

Set Your Mind on Things Above

14/11/2010 Jordan Los  Colossians 3:1-17 

Slighty Soiled, Greatly Reduced in Price

7/11/2010 Gary Graham  Psalm 24:3-4 

Reformation Day

31/10/2010 Chad W. Graham  Romans 1:17 

The Urgency of the Gospel

6/6/2010 Mike Jones  Romans 3:9-21 

Every Wind of Doctrine

2/5/2010 Gary Graham  Ephesians 4:14 

Resurrection Power

4/4/2010 Chad Graham  Phil 3:10 

The Joy of Christmas Glory

21/12/2008 Chad Graham  Isaiah 40:5 

These are Challenging Times

19/10/2008 Gary Graham  Proverbs 1:7 

The Attributes and Marks of a True Church

24/6/2008 Chad Graham  Acts 20:28